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AjoiA Connects…

AjoiA Connects…. 

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Episode Five

AjoiA Connects…. How to Maintain Contact In a Modern Society

Join AjoiA for their upcoming webinar, “Navigating the Crisis of Clarity,” where they explore the profound changes that often occur during the process of getting well and healing. This webinar aims to support individuals who are undergoing personal transformation and navigating the shifts in environments, friendships, and habits that often accompany the journey toward well-being. During this insightful session, we will delve into the concept of the “crisis of clarity,” a term used to describe the transformative period when one’s perspective, values, and priorities undergo significant shifts as a result of healing and personal growth. Explore how the process of getting well can lead to a profound reevaluation of various aspects of life, including relationships, career choices, and daily habits. We will: – discuss the emotional and psychological aspects of this crisis – explore the challenges and opportunities it presents – discover strategies to navigate this transitional phase with grace, resilience, and self-compassion – learn how to embrace uncertainty, explore new possibilities, and make conscious choices that align with your evolving sense of self. – explore the impact of changing environments, friendships, and habits that often accompany the healing journey – delve into the importance of creating a supportive and nurturing environment that aligns with your values and promotes your well-being – gain insights into cultivating authentic connections and surrounding yourself with individuals who inspire and uplift you on your path to personal growth This webinar will include an AjoiA sonic meditation to ground us and bring us to a place of calm and safety. Whether you are in the midst of a healing journey or are supporting others through their transformation, this webinar provides valuable insights and strategies to embrace change, build resilience, and create a fulfilling life aligned with your newfound clarity. 

Episode Four

AjoiA Connects…. How to Maintain Contact In a Modern Society

Loneliness has been described as a global problem of this modern age. The opportunity to find ourselves and then others is discussed in this workshop If you’re feeling lonely or struggling with mental health issues, our upcoming 30-minute presentation on “How to maintain human contact in a modern society” is for you! Here are three headlines that will entice you to tune in: 1. “The Power of Connection: How to Build Meaningful Relationships in a Digital Age” – Learn practical tips and techniques for forming genuine connections with others, even in a world dominated by screens and social media. #ConnectionIsKey #HumanContactMatters 2. “Overcoming Isolation: Strategies for Staying Connected When You’re Feeling Alone” – Discover creative ways to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation, including virtual socializing, community involvement, and self-care practices. #NoOneIsAlone #StayConnected 3. “The Science of Loneliness: Understanding the Impact of Social Isolation on Mental Health” – Gain insights into the ways that loneliness and social isolation can affect mental health and well-being, and explore evidence-based solutions for improving social connectedness. #MentalHealthMatters #EndTheStigma Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn how to stay connected and maintain human contact in a modern society. Join us for our presentation and take the first step towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Episode Three

AjoiA Connects…. Men Don’t Talk – Until it’s too late

The mental health webinar on the topic of “Men don’t talk until it’s too late” aims to provide insights and strategies to help men communicate more effectively about their emotions and mental health. 
Suicide accounts for 1 in every 100 deaths according to the World Health Organisation in 2019 and male suicide is globally known to be double on average compared to female rates. 
This session will explore the cultural and social factors that may contribute to men’s reluctance to discuss sensitive topics, as well as the impact that this can have on their mental wellbeing. 
Attendees will learn practical techniques for developing communication skills, such as active listening and empathetic responding, and will have the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. 
AjoiA’s aim is to provide a safe space to discuss ways to help and support all people and speak about their inner turmoil with men a particular focus.

Episode Two

AjoiA Connects… Grounding the nervous system.      

A way to drop anchor within the choppy waters of anxiety

Presented by AjoiA : Anthony Gorry and Andrew “Shovell” Lovell

Are you Feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Life can often offer profound challenges, sometimes overwhelming. Join our webinar on “Grounding the Nervous System” and learn how to find calm in the midst of chaos. Led by AjoiA, this 30-minute presentation will provide practical strategies for managing anxiety, including mindfulness techniques and sensory grounding exercises. Don’t let anxiety control your life – take control today. #TakeCharge #SelfCare #mentalwellness This webinar is designed specifically for people who may be struggling with anxiety, so you can rest assured that you’re not alone. Join our community of support and learn how to manage your anxiety in a healthy and effective way. Watch now and take the first step towards a happier, healthier life. #youarenotalone #MentalHealthMatters #JoinUs #MentalHealthAwareness #AnxietyRelief


Episode One

AjoiA Connects…. with the nervous system

In this first episode AjoiA are joined by Chris Jackson and Deborah Seth-Jackson.Debbie and Chris are the founders of YogaTherapies and currently work from their Newcastle studio, the Yoga x Life Studio.
They teach yoga, meditation and spiritual practice in a modern context that aims to make the life changing wisdom and connection of these traditions accessible and available in a world that seems to need it more than ever! AjoiA offers a calming and peaceful space where their healing, therapeutic sounds flow through the body and softly attune to the recipient. The vibrations, energy and frequency created by AjoiA through voice and ancient and contemporary instruments can cleanse, clear, heal and harmonise the nervous system from a stuck Sympathetic “fight & flight” mode into a Parasympathetic “rest and digest” way of being. AjoiA sound therapy offers the opportunity to release negative patterns of behaviour and to move into a more balanced and homeostatic state.

AjoiA Connects... With the nervous system.