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AjoiA aims to improve how all individuals feel, and improve their mental health and productivity.  A new, vibrant and sustainable approach to wellness and mental health, which integrates music, art and performance with the kind of future tech that is inspiring and exciting.  AjoiA’s ethos is that of the protection and care of every living thing and the environment.



AjoiA create transformative experiences to help every human being feel better.







AjoiA is a music and sound immersive therapy experience. 

AjoiA will present an introduction to sound and music therapy, focusing on who they are, what they do and how it can be used in all arenas including wellness and healthcare for all people of all ages. It is totally inclusive and anyone can engage; you do not have to have a background in music to experience this presentation’s beneficial effects. 

AjoiA’s presentation and guided meditations, will include a live performance of music, percussion and visuals , mixing the technology of today and tomorrow with those of our ancestors.

The mood-enhancing properties of music, performance, and design, can help any living being with a nervous system. It can help people of all ages to improve their mental health and overall well-being, creating an environment that positively influences their frame of mind, energy and enabling beneficial rest and productivity alike.

Within the healthcare sector specifically, AjoiA’s music and sound therapy experience, can be used in early intervention and prevention of metal health issues, as well as being utilised for people with neuro development issues, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and those with Major Depressive Disorder’s (MDD).

We aim to improve how all individuals feel, to help people improve their mental health, their productivity, and lead them to an overall sense of positive energy and wellbeing.

Our intention, is always to offer a safe setting where our vibrational and wellbeing sounds, create an experience to positively stimulate the receiver, both sonically and visually within the subconscious, and throughout the nervous system.


Endorsements & Testimonials

Just had a listen to your ‘Flowing with Sound and Space’ piece. Its beautiful. Open and expansive. It really opens up the imagination to imagery. It sounds like you really enjoyed making it too, from the soul – Nick Holt multi BAFTA award winning Documentary Director, UK

Love your Karma Coast sessions….. we need more of these – Virgin Hotels Executive, Europe

Thank you for sending me the link. I meditated to it last night because my sound meditation was actually cancelled. So I received that at the perfect time. Do share if you end up with a channel or doing online broadcasts – Vegan Entrepreneurs, Middle East, Dubai.

Transformational – Jospeh Bonner, Head of conference and events for foreign, commonwealth and development office, UK Government.

…..think there is genuinely real potential in what you are trying to do and more importantly it can genuinely make a difference to people’s lives – Sally Heath Director of Business & Innovation, Commercial Development Department, NHS (National Health Service),UK.